Our Services

Our services

Hard Copy, Data & Media Archive Storage Services

Archive UK provides a secure and professional offsite environment to house clients' critical records. Rapid file access, together with state of the art security and LFEPA compliance ensures documents remain protected throughout their entire lifecycle and are always accessible.

Scanning & EDRMS Solutions

Accurately scanning and indexing active documents, either for rapid access or to share with multiple users, is critical in this electronic age. We offer a variety of bespoke imaging solutions tailored around our customers’ requirements, including Image on Demand, to support most business’s rapid access needs, as well as fully implemented Electronic Document and Records Management Systems

(EDRMS) that can be integrated into a client's network.

General Storage

Archive UK provides general storage solutions to accommodate all requirements. This can include office furniture, architectural drawings and models, or storyboards and banners. We also cater for household storage and offer labour and vehicle services on request.

Cataloging Services

Archive UK’s inventory and cataloguing services range from simple Excel documentation or SQL databases through to meticulously detailed inventories of company archives. Our cataloguing services are flexibly suited to accommodate varying requirements. We offer precise tracking and historical documentation of every item under our custodianship.

Secure Destruction

Archive UK offers a fully compliant and secure service for the destruction of sensitive materials, adhering to our clients’ strict record management programmes. Our secure, onsite information disposal service eliminates unnecessary storage costs for sensitive materials, and prevents vulnerability to theft, disclosure and non-compliance fines post-storage. Certified proof of destruction is provided following the successful completion of our custodial contract.


Once unwanted documents have been destroyed beyond practicable reconstruction, they are delivered to pulping mills for recycling. Plastics are delivered to a recycling facility.