Our Products

Our products

We like to make things easy for our clients, so we offer a range of useful products to assist with all
storage related activities.

Boxes – Our standard A3 cardboard box, stitched for premium durability, is made twice as thick as regular storage boxes for a longer shelf life. Other sizes are available on request.

Shredding Sacks – We can supply highly durable tailor-made, polycarbonate opaque sacks for safe and confidential storage.

Recycling Bins – Archive UK has created ergonomic metal recycling bins, designed to be incorporated into the contemporary office environment. We can also manage daily or weekly emptying of the bins for your choice of service period.

Packaging Materials – Our complete range of packaging materials includes bubble wrap, tape, shrink-wrap, labels, security seals, acid free paper and much more, in a variety of sizes.

Moving Crates – Our plastic tea crates are available for weekly, monthly or annual hire in a variety of sizes, to aid in the safe transportation of goods during office and household moves.